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Welcome to Rytger Cycling Team

It´s not only about winning


With truth and diligence a platform for the development of young ambitious talents. A project in women's cycling, with emphasis on talent. The most successful and at the same time best team of young female talent, British, Danish, Dutch and Swedish girls.







23.05.2015 Designa Løbet - Marcello Bergamo Cup, Denmark

Riders own registration


24.05.2015 JE.dk Løbet - Marcello Bergamo Cup, Denmark

Riders own registration


25.05.2015 Lindberg Sport Løbet - Marcello Bergamo Cup, Denmark

Riders own registration


20.06.2015 Danish Championship Open TTT

Kamilla Sofie Vallin, Simone Eg, Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, Amy Hill


25.06.2015 Danish Championship TT - Junior


25.06.2015 Danish Championship TT


27.06.2015 Danish Championship


Support: Allan Eg, Anders Krebs Ovesen, Bente Vestergård Eg, Henning Bickham, Henrik Lund Andersen, Jan Pape, Jens Krog Schultz, Lona Lauritsen, Matt Hill, Morten Vallin, Niels Christian Hansen, Stefan Huusko, Thomas Overskov, Tommy Uttrup Jensen, Ulrik Møberg.

Team Rytger is an independent Non Profit organization - CVR-nr. 31459508


Team Manager Brian Henriksen - Røddalsminde 47 8300 Odder Denmark


Telephone +45 3147 8001 Mail support@team-rytger.dk


Account number 9040 45817 98488 IBAN DK1590404581798488 SWIFT SPNODK22